New Cupping Tables

New Cupping Tables

Bob returned from a trip to Royal Coffee New York’s new facility in February with visions of cupping tables, Maine pine, and a new perspective on the format of cupping coffee dancing in his head.  Our friends at Royal had installed tables that were tall, long, and narrow (see photo below).  Their intent was to promote cupping from both sides of the table by more people and to encourage more discussion about coffees during the cupping process.    

Royal Cupping Room

Cupping is essential to quality control, choosing new coffees, developing coffees, and keeping staff connected to our product.  It also requires a space that is as free from distraction as possible (from smells and sounds to interruptions).  Our previous location had one room that acted as cupping room, training room, conference room, and break room.  That’s a lot going on in one room!  Given all of this, the cupping room and cupping tables were much discussed and thoughtflly planned for our new space.

First look at new cupping tables

Our new tables are tall, long, and even more narrow than those at Royal.  The table tops are made with Maine pine….and they are stunningly beautiful.  Bob and Carmen wanted to showcase a little of our Maine roots (and Maine love!), and these tables deliver!  This week we christened the tables with our first cupping.  Their purposeful construction was successful as we stood across from each other cupping and discussing the lovely coffees in front of us.

Carmen and Bill cup on new tables


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