The Roaster's Corner - Cupping

The Roaster's Corner - Cupping

“Cupping” is one of the most important aspects of my day. Simply stated “cupping coffee” is smelling and tasting it. The difference is, when we “cup,” we are tasting in a more controlled and focused way following a fairly rigid series of protocols. Controlling as many variables as we can helps to provide us with clear and accurate information about our coffees.

Cupping coffee plays a role in many parts of our business. Our buying decisions begin with a cupping. Whether at the farms or co-ops in a producing country or at our cupping room when receiving samples from our importers. From these evaluations, we determine which coffees make the cut and where they might fit in our line-up.

We then develop the coffee to either be a stand alone, single-origin coffee or to become part of a blend. Cupping again becomes the tool we use to determine a coffee’s place and final flavor profile. We can use these tasting results to make adjustments to the roasting side of things. Fine tuning the coffee to get it just right.

But cupping doesn’t stop once a profile is set.

Each production roast is continually “cupped” and evaluated.  Small changes are made as needed throughout the year as the seasons change and our green coffees evolve. All of this is in an effort to ensure that our coffees taste the same from month to month and year after year.


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