New Packaging Arriving in Stores this Month

Bob and Carmen with the new Wicked Joe bag lineup

Over the last 10 years, our focus has been simple: quality. We are dedicated to our employees, our community and to our farmer and cooperative partners at origin. We are continually striving to be a great company that creates added value to all with whom we have relationships. This means we are constantly evolving, but to date, our packaging had not kept pace with this evolution, nor did it accurately reflect our quality focus and professionalism. It’s time.

We’ve spent that last two years collaboratively working with our staff and a professional designer to produce the new packaging you’ll be seeing on shelves starting this month. The goal was to communicate a vintage feel, with touches of modern. But most important, we wanted our quality focus to be realized, while still emphasizing a sense of fun.

Because after all, we love what we do!
Bob & Carmen Garver


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