Social Responsibility 

Our mission is to roast epic coffee in a manner that is kind to both the earth and to the farmers who painstakingly grow our tasty beans.

We have an extensive recycling program which includes sharing all chaff and grounds we produce with local organic farms and gardeners to use for composting, and extensive recycling of all other materials to include the burlap green coffee sacks which we share with local farmers, gardeners and fisherman as well as accepting donations for the bags with proceeds going to the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program.

We also have just begun a new project together with the Maine Department of Conservation's Bureau of Parks and Lands to partner in their new "Take It Outside" program. This is a program whose goal is to encourage children and families to reconnect with nature. Maine's identity is inseparable from its natural resources and our future depends upon our ability to distinguish what makes Maine so special. Once our children have experienced our natural wonders first hand they will surely value them.

Wicked Joe is proud to be identified by the State of Maine as an Environmental Leader. We are amongst the first to participate in the Governor's Carbon Challenge, a program designed to reduce greenhouse gases.

We specialize in coffees that are certified both Organic and Fair Trade, but also sell coffees that are certified Bird Friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, Rainforest Alliance, Cup of Excellence, Direct Trade Relationship as well as other sustainable models.


USDA Organic LogoGrown using environmentally friendly methods, which nurture the land and promote long-term sustainability of soil and water supplies. This limits pollution and erosion, ensures a better habitat for both humans and animals, and creates a better tasting, ecologically grown coffee bean. Healthier for both consumers and growers.


Fairtrade Certified LogoFair Trade guarantees a decent, living wage for farmers in return for high quality coffee and promotes sustainable practices that help protect the environment. Ultimately Fair Trade allows millions of people around the world to stay on their land, put food on the table, and keep their kids in school.


Bird FriendlyIn order to be called Bird Friendly, a coffee must be both certified organic and meet the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's strict criteria for certifying shade coffee farms. Shade coffee farms support well over 150 species of birds, including many of our North American birds that migrate to Latin America, and provide habitat for myriad insects, orchids, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Best of all, Shade Grown coffee ripens slowly, giving the beans a more fully developed flavor resulting in a sweeter, smoother brew.


B-CorpThe B Corp certification confirms Wicked Joe coffee’s ongoing efforts to leverage our business to address social and environmental problems while staying accountable to our employees, customers, suppliers and the planet. In becoming a certified B Corp company, we proudly join a community of companies committed to using business and economic success as a force for good in the world. At Wicked Joe, we’re constantly examining and reexamining every aspect of our business to make sure we’re operating in the most efficient and sustainable ways possible. Our mission is to roast epic coffee in a manner that is kind to both the earth and to the farmers who painstakingly grow our tasty beans.


Maine MadeWicked Joe is provides support to local schools, children's programs, and community enrichment programs. In the past year we have donated both our time and product to school fundraisers, programs for those with disabilities, raising money for heating oil for those in need, youth sports programs, the Maine Childrens Cancer Center, and many other worthy projects. We are honored to be connected to so many outstanding organizations in our local community and state.


Environmental LeaderThe State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection has identified Wicked Joe as an Environmental Leader in recognition of Wicked Joe's superlative efforts and achievements in the Governor's Carbon Challenge.  Legislative mandate directs DEP to prevent, abate and control the pollution of the air, water and land. The charge is to preserve, improve and prevent diminution of the natural environment of the State. The Department is also directed to protect and enhance the public's right to use and enjoy the State's natural resources. The Department administers programs, educates and makes regulatory decisions that contribute to the achievement of this mission. In pursuing this mission, it is the policy of the Department to treat its employees and the public with courtesy, respect and consideration and to be fair and honest in its dealings, and to be mindful of the special qualities that make Maine a unique place to live and work.


Coffee KidsCoffee Kids was established to improve the quality of life for children, women and men who live in coffee-growing communities around the world. Coffee Kids provides education programs, health care work, nutrition programs, and economic development work, making families less dependent on coffee as their sole source of income


CeverWicked Joe is proud to be offering this fine coffee in partnership with the Maine Conference UCC and in support of the CEVER Project. The Cever school is a vocational school, located in Yoro, Honduras, that serves students between the ages of 12-24. Students study in the technical areas of automechanics, welding, industrial mechanics, sewing and woodworking, and also have the option of pursuing basic educational courses. The CEVER Project works to support the CEVER School financially, spiritually, and emotionally. In the process of providing support, we hope to build and strengthen links between people in Maine and people in Honduras. Your purchase of this fine coffee helps the Maine Conference UCC support this worthy cause. For more information and to help CEVER go to

We Compost It

We Compost It
We Compost It! has helped restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and local schools divert more than 10 million pounds of organic scraps from the waste stream since 2011. Now they're helping Wicked Joe by picking up coffee grounds and filters, excess coffee chaff, food waste and more. They then transform it into nutrient-rich compost. The compost will is used by local gardeners and landscapers to grow food and flowers.

Topsham Public Library

Topsham Public Library We are proud to be a Business Roundtable Member at the Topsham Public Library. Topsham Public Library’s mission is to be a community center for all ages. Libraries are places of lifelong learning that are directly tied to a community’s quality of life. The Topsham Public Library provides residents of all ages with books, informational resources, technology and services to stimulate growth and enrichment while serving as a center of study and community activities.


Maine Department of ConservationFlavorful, mild, mellow and rounded. A great cup of joe! We are proud to offer this blend of naturally processed coffees from the Americas in support of the Maine Department of Conservation's Bureau of Parks and Lands and their "Take It Outside" program. This program's goal is to encourage children and families to reconnect with nature. Maine's identity is inseparable from its natural resources and our future depends upon our ability to distinguish what makes Maine so special. Once our children have experienced our natural wonders first hand they will surely value them. Now in its second year, the "First-Time Campers" program (part of "Take It Outside") is designed to help Maine families who have never camped to get outdoors for a fun weekend at a state park. More than 800 Maine families this year entered the annual First-Time Campers drawing to win a free weekend of camping at one of eight Maine state parks. Each family receives loaned equipment and support in learning camping skills. In addition to receiving delicious coffee from Wicked Joe, each family also receives four sleeping bags, which are theirs to keep, courtesy of L.L.Bean and Coleman; a $50 gift card from Hannaford; coupons from Oakhurst Dairy; and drinking water from Poland Spring. Park staff provide an orientation to camping and teach the families how to set up a tent, make a campfire and use a camp stove, as well as organizing other activities. For more information on how to get involved check out the Take It Outside website. 


Birds and BeansWicked Joe is proud to be the exclusive roaster of Birds & Beans the good coffee™. Birds & Beans® only sells coffee meeting the demanding, independent certification of The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. SMBC's Bird Friendly seal is by far the most rigorous bird conservation inspection. Bird Friendly coffee from Birds & Beans comes from the best managed family farms in Latin America. Farms where passion for great coffee and respect for environment are ways of life. Strong scientific evidence proves that farms with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's certification make a major difference for birds by preserving tropical habitat at a time when so many forests are under attack and industrial, mono-culture sun coffee farming is expanding. We want to make sure that people who care can get great coffee that is good for bird conservation, family farmers and the environment. Birds & Beans is "Triple Certified"—birds, people, planet. Your purchase of this coffee helps stop population decline in songbirds migrating to Latin America. By protecting increasingly rare winter habitat, Bird Friendly® coffee farms give shelter and sustenance to our most beautiful birds of spring and summer—thrushes, warblers, orioles, tanagers and more. Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) "Bird Friendly"® coffee is not just any shade-grown coffee. Over twelve years of research and field inspections by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center are behind the SMBC certification and this means "Bird Friendly"® is the gold standard. SMBC certified farms support great biodiversity, they are organic and cultivated in large part by families and Coops. Coffees sold with SMBC certification must use only 100 percent certified beans, (other shade grown coffee may have little as 30 percent shade grown beans). SMBC farms must meet stringent criteria for rich and structurally complex habitat. Other shade grown coffee may be from plantations with a single species of shade tree, heavily pruned and not supporting much more biodiversity than sun grown plantations. The science is very strong on this point; SMBC certification is the best for birds. So coffee drinkers and bird lovers who want to make the biggest difference buy SMBC coffee. "Be Certain. Buy Certified."® For more information click here to view the Birds and Beans website.


Rain Forest AllianceThe Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. The Rainforest Alliance We promotes standards for sustainability that conserve wildlife and wildlands and ensure the well-being of workers and their communities. Farms that meet the comprehensive criteria of the Sustainable Agriculture Network earn the right to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal, and forestry enterprises that comply with the rigorous standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), can use the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal in conjunction with the FSC logo to differentiate their products in the marketplace. We also work with tourism businesses, to help them succeed while leaving a small footprint on the environment and providing a boost to local economies.


Cup of Excellence
The Cup of Excellence is the most esteemed award given out for top coffees. These awards come from a strict competition that selects the very best coffee produced in that country for that particular year. These winning coffees are chosen by a select group of national and international cuppers and are cupped at least five different times during the competition process. Only coffees that continuously score high enough are allowed to move forward in the competition. The final winners are awarded the prestigious Cup of Excellence® and sold to the highest bidder during an internet auction.

Spark Applied Efficiency

Spark Applied Efficiency
Spark Applied Efficiency helps people create more profitable and more sustainable businesses through energy efficiency. As Efficiency Maine Qualified Partners and licensed electricians, we do LED lighting, controls, refrigeration, HVAC, heat pumps, solar, electric vehicle charging stations, energy modeling, cash flow analysis, rebates and project financing for organizations of any size. We're very happy that we could help Wicked Joe -- our first client! -- find smarter ways to save energy.