Fun Fact: Our current facility is the former Topsham Naval Commissary located in Topsham, Maine. We have transformed this site into Willy Wonka's version of a coffee production factory. After years in a quirky previous location, our current facility is a dream that has been built out to fit our growth, everyday needs, and fully supports our sustainability efforts. 


In our roasting department, beyond the sea of green coffee bags, you will find three Loring Smart Roasters constantly churning out coffee. These roasters run off of natural gas and are known for their clean, smoke free outputs. On average, they use 80% less energy than traditional drum roasters. They are the most environmentally friendly roasters currently on the market and as a bonus, produce some wicked good tasting coffee. 


Anyone visiting our building will immediately notice two different kinds of solar energy collectors. A solar air heating system on our southern wall will help lower our energy costs during the heating season by dramatically boosting the temperature of incoming fresh air. And a solar photovoltaic system on the roof over our entrance will offset our electricity bill by generating clean energy for the public grid.


Around the side, an electric car charging station will keep a company vehicle ready to roll. Electric vehicles are three to four times more efficient than gas-powered vehicles (EPA mileage ratings for all-electric vehicles are more than 100 miles-to-the-gallon-equivalent). We're able to make daily round trips between our roasting warehouse in Topsham and our retail location, Bard Coffee, in Portland without burning a single drop of petroleum. On sunny days, these round trips will be powered for free by the sun shining on our roof. Hard to get a better deal on a full tank of "gas" than that!


We have teamed with with local composting company We Compost It!  and have 8-10 36 gallon bins that are picked up on a weekly basis. 


 In the Summer months, we have the Wicked Joe Garden, an amazing idea inspired and executed by members of our production team. All Summer we grow vegetables that are donated to the MidCoast Hunger Prevention Program