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Our Wicked Joe building has two different kinds of solar energy collectors. A solar air heating system on our southern wall will help lower our energy costs during the heating season by dramatically boosting the temperature of incoming fresh air. There is also a solar photovoltaic system on the roof over our entrance will offset our electricity bill by generating clean energy for the public grid. Solar power can compensate for both our thermal and electrical use!

To give a bit of context, the average household electricity consumption in kwh per day is 28.9 kwh. Back in 2014, Phase 1 of our commitment to sustainable, renewable, clean energy, ReVision Energy installed 3.5kw array (14 panel), which resulted in an annual generation of 4,521 kwh (aka, 4,150 pounds of annual carbon offset. Fast-forward to 2020, Phase 2 saw us install a 36kw array (96 ground-mounted panels), with an annual generation of 45,900 kwh (aka, 48,562 pounds of annual carbon offset)!