Heart of Women


Roast Level: Medium

Origin: Honduras & Peru

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, and Orange Zest with hints of stone fruit

From seed to cup, women across the globe have a profound impact on the growing practices and production needed to create quality coffee. Heart of Women is our celebration of the hard work, expertise, and impact women contribute to coffee.

Developed with organic coffees sourced directly from female farmers and producers that are a part of Las Damas de San Ignacio of Peru & Manos de Mujer of Honduras - the heart of this remarkable blend is rooted in quality, community, and sustainability.

Your purchase directly helps to raise the quality-of-life for the women farming these coffees as well as the children, families, and communities they support. We strive to honor the Heart of Women who inspire us, and to those women throughout the coffee supply chain who create these extraordinary coffees!