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Quality Control is an essential aspect to creating consistently delicious coffee


It all starts with the green coffee, the raw product that we are transforming into that final beverage you are enjoying. Before receiving a shipment of coffee, our team will sample roast a small portion of it to get a sneak peek of its potential. Will it be great on its own? Or better in a blend? As a darker roast? Or lighter roast?


Our team works hard to cup every batch that comes off the roasters. During these cuppings we are evaluating the fragrance, aroma, taste, texture, and finish to ensure that the coffee matches the profile. Details and notes are logged into our system and tied to the batch number on each bag. Green coffee can be affected by age or climate, so we are constantly making tweaks


We currently have two certified Q graders on staff. These individuals have gone through rigorous training and testing at a SCA-certified lab. The tests include:

✩ Sensory Skills: identifying intensities of salt, sour and sweet odorless solutions.

✩ Cupping Skills: cupping and scoring flights of coffee.

✩ Olfactory Skills: recognize common aromatic scents often found in the fragrance and aroma of coffee.

✩ Triangulation Skills: differentiate coffees by flavor unique attributes associated with each region.

✩ Organic Acids: identify the more common acids found in coffee: acetic acid, malic acid, phosphoric acid and citric acid.

✩ Arabica Green Coffee Grading & Arabica Roasted Coffee Grading: identify the number of roast defects found in a coffee sample.

✩ Roasted Sample Identification: identify an the optimal roast for coffee cupping.

✩ General Coffee Knowledge: multiple choice exam on coffee cupping and grading, roasting, brewing, cultivation, harvesting and processing.


In order to preserve coffee that consistently tastes epic, we must use packaging that maintains flavor and freshness! Our team has done extensive research and testing on our current packaging, and have found it to be the best option out there.