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The Brewing Basics


Once coffee is ground, flavor constituents quickly evaporate, so store your coffee as whole bean, not ground. Store your beans in a cool, dark place (out of direct sunlight), and in an airtight container (oxygen is the greatest enemy of fresh coffee). Do not store beans in your refrigerator or freezer, as condensation on the beans may cause them to go stale, and odors from other foods may be absorbed into your beans. Your coffee will taste best, however, if you only buy enough freshly roasted coffee for a short time - a week or so. This way your coffee is always fresh and storage will not be something you will need to worry about!


The best investment you can make to improve your coffee's flavor is to get yourself a great grinder and grind your coffee just before brewing, as grinding releases flavor and aroma. We recommend a mill (burr) grinder for consistency of particle size. Finding the proper grind is vital, and is determined by the length of time your coffee is brewing, If you are brewing more quickly, as you would when making espresso, you would use a finer grind as it takes less energy to get the optimum flavor from the coffee. A medium brew time, like you might have when you are making a drip coffee, will taste best when using a medium grind. A longer brew time, like you might use with a french press, will require a more coarse grind if you want to get the best balance of flavor and strength.


Use the appropriate filter for your method of brewing and for the taste and mouthfeel you are seeking in your cup. Today people are using a wide variety of paper, metal and cloth filters and are making great coffee using them all.


You must use clean equipment, as soap and oil residue will affect the taste of your brew.

Brewing Style

We love brewing coffee using the drip method, french presses, siphons, aeropresses, Turkish and of course Espresso. The important thing is to choose the method that gives you the cup that you love most or are in the mood for. Many methods are fun, and if done properly, can produce delicious coffee—so choose the one that best meets your taste and lifestyle.


Start with cold, filtered, spring or tap water. Remember that over 98% of your cup is the water it was brewed with. If your water tastes bad, your coffee will taste bad. Water temperature at extraction should be about 200 degrees give or take a few degrees.

Coffee Measure

We recommend using 2 healthy tablespoons of freshly ground coffee for every 6 oz of coffee you wish to brew, and more for espresso or Turkish—then adjust the amount to your personal taste.

Final Notes

Preheat the vessel you are brewing into. Once your coffee is brewed drink it fresh before the aroma and flavor begin to dissipate. Get it off the burner! Burners burn coffee turning it sour or bitter.

Best Practice Recommends Always Using Organic, Freshly Roasted Wicked Joe Beans!