Wicked Joe’s Mission

is to provide our customers with extraordinary coffees
in a manner that strengthens
the environment, our farmers, our staff & our community.

Founded in 2003 by Bob and Carmen Garver, Wicked Joe is a family-owned company committed to producing exceptional coffees using sustainable business practices from crop to cup.

Located in Topsham, Maine our organic certified roastery is a state-of-the-art and energy-efficient facility. We work directly with farmers and cooperatives to build lasting, collaborative partnerships. Your purchase of our Fair Trade™ and Organic Certified coffees ensures that farmers get better prices, directly supports farming communities, and protects the environment.

What makes us Wicked?

In Maine, 'wicked' is a phrase that is uniquely served to add emphasis. To us, 'wicked' can be a descriptor and command - to exceed standards in all facets of doing.

Consider it a call to action: Get Wicked humble, hard-working, and authentic - always acting the in best interest of communities we impact both near and beyond our rocky coast.

Folks from the great state of Maine have a charm like no other. Down-to-Earth, caring, and entirely unique - we're constantly trying to embody what it is to be a Mainer.

We are proud of our delicious coffees and thank you for choosing Wicked Joe