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Meet Members of Our Team


"Listening to the equipment is one of the most important parts of getting this job done right: that, and letting people know they're doing a good job" explained Tina, team lead of our Frac and AJ department here at Wicked Joe. This position requires her to prep her crew for the day, time her grinding before it is packaged into frac-packs for various customers, all the while inputting data and routinely checking for quality control. Despite juggling all these tasks, what strikes me most about Tina is her positive work ethic and lovable spirit.⁠

Tuning in is a difficult skill for most to master, but it seems to be effortless for Tina, both in regard to the intricate machines she operates and the people she guides. It takes a special type of person to listen and lead the way Tina does, and funnily enough, she describes her spirit animal as the unassuming sloth: “They may be slowest, but they are determined. They will cross crocodile infested water to get what they want, and they’re always smiling!” Tina's joy is infectious, and her humility, kindness, and patience are qualities we all should aspire to be more like. In her free time, Tina can be found playing disc golf and poker, or snuggling with her pup, Boone! She also told me she likes to bake, but I won't believe this until I see some sweets in the break room (hint hint). Thank you for encouraging us all to be better people, Tina!


“I get to do a little bit of everything around here, so I have to be ready to handle several different things at once. I love that I get the opportunity to learn about the business from all sides” shared Eagan, our business systems associate here at Wicked Joe. Eagan’s duties really depend on the day, as in his time here he has worked in every department on the production floor, completed an Enterprise Resource Planning related internship, a B Corp related internship, assisted with accounts payable and accounts receivable, and will be doing sales and marketing related activities as well as helping prepare for our upcoming B Corp re-certification. Eagan is one of the first people called to troubleshoot and lend a hand to problems that arise, sacrificing personal responsibilities to support the larger team, even if it means he now has to stay late or work throughout the weekend to catch up.

Eagan has consistently carried himself with nobility, integrity, and thoughtfulness. I remember countless times asking Eagan for help with a machine or general issue, and him noting, “well, I don’t really know myself what to do, but let me come take a look”. He is the type that is eager to learn, apply this knowledge, and make a difference. He cares deeply for his team, and advocates for their needs whenever he can. More broadly, he strives to have an impact on our local community and planet, as his heart leads with an authentic care for what he puts out into the world.

In his time off from work, Eagan is building a camp with his dad, loving being out in the woods and spending time with those he cares about. Another passion of Eagan’s is running, disciplined enough to go out almost every day. He’s represented us a few times in various local races! In the words of Steve Prefontaine, Olympic long-distance runner and one of Eagan’s athletic inspirations, “success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.” Whether it’s on a run or in the context of work, Eagan stays present and persists, with the strength of character and wit, which inspires us to Get Wicked ambitious and be the best version of ourselves we can be!


“I enjoy making sure the customers are happy and sometimes that means adding a little note if requested saying ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Happy Birthday’, whatever is asked, or just adding a smiley face on the box. No matter how busy we are, the quality of what leaves Birds and Beans is most important” shared Laurel, team lead for our Birds and Beans department. Day to day, Laurel is responsible for answering emails, entering orders, as well as picking and shipping orders directly to people’s homes, which has become a huge thing more recently since COVID. Laurel also must juggle shipping to stores and making sure there is enough inventory to get orders out in a timely fashion. Making sure that every bag that leaves looks great and is exactly what the customer ordered is one of Laurel’s top priorities.

“I love that Birds and Beans is bird friendly coffee, so that means people care that are buying and drinking this coffee and have a love for nature, especially migratory birds. A percent of the proceeds goes towards local and national conservation partners.” Laurel’s hard work means that this special coffee is getting the attention and care it deserves. She is always willing to go the extra mile and is clearly proud of the work she produces and the team she leads. Her drive to constantly improve productivity and quality are to be admired - all the while being a lovely, patient, and helpful person to work alongside with.

Unsurprisingly, Laurel exceeds the standards her personal life as well. Mother to an 11-year-old named Bella Ann, she has never missed a field hockey game, and has coached her softball team the last couple of years. They also love going to mud runs and riding four wheelers, which are pretty badass mother-daughter activities. Laurel also shared that she tries to go to as many country concerts as possible with her mom. People of excellence go the extra mile and do what’s right, even when no one is watching, and Laurel is certainly one of those people.


"There's a science and a type of art that goes into each roast," as one of our roasters, Noah, describes it. ⁠Day to day, Noah's role requires him to manage green coffee and keep a close eye on the accuracy of each batch, which is what helps to deliver you consistently delicious cups of joe.⁠

Beyond his affinity for coffee, Noah is a kickass musician, loyal fan of Seinfeld, and can be found enjoying long walks on the beach at sunset. Noah's band is called "The Backwoods Blues Revue", and you can find them performing up, down, and all around Maine.⁠

Noah is a genuine, interesting, and kind person, with a warmness no roasting machine can match. ⁠Thank you for being a thoughtful member of the Wicked Joe crew and for your careful attention to detail, Noah! I don't think there is a more appropriate person to tell, "you rock!"


“What I think is unique about my job is that I get to spend time in each department and get to learn about each and how that helps with the end product” shared Larry, one of our newer team members here at Wicked Joe. Larry is considered our lead custodian, and is responsible for maintaining a clean, safe workplace and to help whenever & wherever needed. This flexibility and willingness to serve are traits that make Larry a special type of person. He is the type to always find something to improve even when it is not his duty or an undesirable task, and does so with the upmost perfection and attention to detail – all the while maintaining an easygoing, warm persona. His receptiveness to learning new things and occupying different roles is to be admired.

Larry shared with me that he initially joined the team to set an example for his teenage son on the values of discipline, hard work, and merit. He has quickly connected with the team and shared how he wants to continue despite having previously retired. Larry has a sweet, open heart that is easy to connect with. I treasure the conversations we have, and this sentiment has been shared by others I’ve talked to on the team. He’s extremely down to earth, humble, and considerate of others. His sense of empathy comes from a place of experienced wisdom, and the authentic opinions and thoughts he expresses are more valuable than I believe he truly recognizes. Conversations with Larry remind me, “knowledge comes from learning – wisdom comes from living”.

Out of all the hats he’s worn, Larry described his life’s greatest role as being a father to his son. He shares his pride often, and how much he enjoys spending time together. Outside of work, Larry also enjoys reading to continue learning new things, as well as a passion for gardening and cooking. Larry has a been a unique gift to our team, and we’re grateful to have him around. He demonstrates how attitude and action can lead to a more positive life and sets a positive example for all of us here at Wicked Joe.


“Paying attention to even the smallest details is very important and something I’ve always been good at doing” shared Steve, production lead for our roasting department here at Wicked Joe. Steve keeps track of all the coffee being roasted, ensuring the area is organized and making sure everything runs smoothly. He watches over four different roasters, organizing and delegating the work orders that need to happen on each day for production. He described, “making sure everything is 100% accurate is the most important part of my job”.

You can consider Steve an OG – he’s been with us since the Water Street days, for almost nine years. Steve is kind, hardworking, and not afraid to try new things. He holds immense knowledge of the coffee process and the art of roasting. One thing you can’t teach is to care, and Steve is deeply sensitive to making sure the job gets done well and that others are okay along the way. Calm and composed, he quietly leads his team and is a reassuring mentor and crewmate for all. I’ve always been struck by Steve’s consistency and integrity, his exceptional character always shines through, even with few words. Steve reminds us, “master yourself and you master your environment, such is the nature of wisdom”.

Beyond his artistry in roasting, Steve expresses his creativity in a plethora of ways. He shared with me how music is a huge part of his life, enjoying listening to tunes as much as he does playing instruments and writing songs. He also does DIY projects, currently remodeling all kinds of things in an old house he purchased. His newest hobby is sculpting, along with other various art projects. This makes Steve quite the roaster, musician, carpenter, sculptor extraordinaire (did I mention he’s also a father?). Thank you for coming in and making a difference here, Steve. The consideration you invest extends much farther than improving the quality of the beans, but also the quality of our morale.


"I love my job because I can get a lot done. It’s the challenging and technical aspect that makes what I do so much fun” shared Jason, our newest team lead of the Fresco department here at Wicked Joe. Jason joined us here back in July and has excelled into this leadership position with confident ease, positivity, and persistence. His quick proficiency and adaptation when working with the Fresco is worth noting – along with his dedication to this duty. Often, he comes in early to warm the machine and leaves late in the evening to ensure that it is properly taken care of. Day to day, Jason leads his small team, troubleshoots with the machine, and maintains an optimistic attitude when confronted with a challenge. Our Fresco machine is responsible for a majority of the 12oz WJ bags of beans we produce, package, and ship day in and day out – so you can imagine how relieved we are to have Jason here leading this station. ⁠

Jason’s warm smile and gentle demeanor are refreshing and make him such a nice person to work with. He has a calm-patience and unmatched eagerness that those on his team greatly admire. The atmosphere of a room - let alone a sprawling warehouse - improves noticeably when he enters. Jason’s got a sort of quiet confidence which reminds us that believing in yourself starts within. He doesn’t need to boast about his awesomeness – he just is. He demonstrates his talents through his actions, which are most always more powerful than words. Jason exemplifies the adage that “humility is the surest sign of strength”.

When I asked for some fun facts, Jason asked if he could think about it and get back to me. After careful deliberation, Jason thoughtfully wanted to highlight his love for his wife, as well his affinity for videos games and peanut butter. I also thought it was worth noting how remarkably photogenic Jason is – if there’s any local modeling agencies looking, just know that Jason is already booked and busy here at Wicked Joe (so no, we’re not sharing him). In all seriousness though, we want to thank Jason for the cheer and quiet strength he brings to the team daily.


“It’s so different every day, and I enjoy the fast pace,” described Beth, our Production Manager here at Wicked Joe. Beth’s day-to-day responsibilities include managing the Wicked Joe roastery and production floor, while upholding very high standards on both production and product levels. Beyond the duteous tasks of management, Beth is always looking for ways to make the world a better place.

Beth leads the charge on our Wicked Joe Community Garden, bringing in delicious goodies, like homemade salsa, from veggies she and other members of the team cared and nurtured for. Beth embodies the idea that "leadership is an action, not a position". She is the biggest cheerleader for everyone’s hard work, and often sees potential in others which they may not recognize in themselves. You can often find her on the floor working along-side her team, and she described how proud she was to be here and making a positive impact.

Funny enough, when I asked Beth for three fun facts, she shared how she applied to Wicked Joe in the first place because it was organic. Her fun facts were described as her admiration of B-Corp, learning about sustainability and fair trade, and making a daily change in the world. I think this perfectly highlights Beth’s heart, selflessness, and effort to uplift the values she cares about. Beth is the first to sacrifice her needs for the betterment of the team and jumps at opportunities where she can lend a helping hand. Not to mention her smile, which lights up the warehouse more than this florescent lighting ever could!

The world is constantly improving because Beth is in it, and we’re so fortunate to have her inspire us with her conviction through action.