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Sumatra, an island in western Indonesia known in ancient times as the "Island of Gold", is the sixth largest island in the world, but probably one of the least visited. The Dutch brought coffee from Yirgacheffe to Indonesia in the 17th century. We source this coffee from the fine folks at the Ketiara Cooperative. This women-led cooperative is known for it's dedication to quality and passion for community.

Located in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra, the cooperative Ketiara was founded in 2009 and joined the Fair Trade movement in 2011. Despite Ketiara's young age, it is one of the most well-known and respected cooperatives of the region. Their dedication to excellence and innovation has resulted in consistently delicious coffee. The Gayonese society is traditionally male-dominated, which makes it even more impressive that Ketiara is made up of over 50% women. These women work hard to create opportunities for themselves and others in the surrounding community. They invest a portion of their Fair Trade Premiums directly back into the farms to improve productivity and maintain quality. Other initiatives include improving health, education, public infrastructure, and helping to protect the ecosystem of the nearby Leuser National Park.