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Working Hard...Together

We have been doing business in MidCoast Maine since 2003. We work hard, producing high-quality coffees for our customers locally and across the country. All our products are certified Organic, Fair-Trade, GMP, and B Corp. To us, wholesale relations are a partnership. We offer a variety of services beyond our exceptional coffees and teas to ensure you are ready to get wicked with us! These include:

✩ Customized training and business programs to meet your needs

✩ A knowledgeable and highly experienced sales, marketing, and training team

✩ Strong partnerships with our distributors who share our hard-work and quality-focused vision

✩ Various equipment available through select Wicked Joe distributors

General Product Listings

We sell a variety of products to serve your coffee and tea needs - from retail, to bulk, to frac, we look forward to exploring options and creating a customized ordering schedule just for you. Some of our current offerings include:

✩ Retail Coffee Bags: 12oz, 6-packs

✩ Bulk Coffees: 2lb and 5lb

✩ Coffee Frac Packs: 2.2oz and 6.6oz

✩ Retail Tea Cartons: 6-packs

✩ Bulk Teas: 100ct sachets

If what you are looking for is not listed, we encourage you to inquire!

Apply for Wholesale Program

If you're ready to take the next step with us, want to see more of our offerings, or want to speak with a member from our sales team, click for our Advanced Sign Up