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During the summer, we operate our Wicked Good Community Garden! This significant project has been continuously inspired, executed, and evolved by leaders and members of our production team since 2017.

Starting with 6 beds and seedlings sourced from local organic farmers, we have grown to host 12 beds as of 2022. Bird boxes and bees have also graced this thriving plot - while fruit trees have been planted firmly in its soil. The dream is to one day have a permanent greenhouse, to enable further growth and production of organic goods to support our local community needs.

Earth Day is an international celebration which raises public awareness concerning environmental issues affecting our planet and over the last few years, also representing an acknowledgement of climate change and global warming. At Wicked Joe, Earth Day also signifies the annual kick-off for the seasonal Wicked Good Community Garden.

Since the inception of this initiative, our team has took this holiday to be a call to action - spending the afternoon picking up trash around our campus, working on our community garden, and being in nature. Members of our team work together to celebrate and conserve our local environment - laying down a fresh foundation for our Wicked Good Community Garden and tending to the ecosystem surrounding.

A core value of our coffee roasting business is sustainability - sourcing and using practices in a manner that is kind to our Earth in order to make wicked good coffee. It’s really special to be a part of a team that goes the next step - creating a space for nature to thrive and which brings us all together for a greater good.

Beyond supplying some natural, sustainable, and organic goods for members of our team, a portion also gets donated to some local food banks, such as the Maine Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program (MCHPP) and the Bath Area Food Bank - along with coffee and tea of course!

Farming is a central feature of the work we do - without farmers, there would be no coffee industry. This makes the Wicked Good Community Garden just that - wicked good! In a small way, acting as a lense into the work that is being done when a coffee seedling first starts its journey. In a big way, functioning as a means to create positive impact for our team, greater community, and the environment.

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