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The Las Lajas Micromill in the Sabanilla de Alejuela region of Costa Rica shares many of the same founding principles and values as we do at Wicked Joe Organic Coffees. A project that was originally founded in 1840, Francisca and Oscar Chacon inherited a 5 hectare farm and in the past 20 years have transformed it into what it is today. In 2000, with coffee prices falling dramatically, they sought out organic farming as the answer to a sustainable future. This was not an easy feat to accomplish, but it certainly paid off. In 2006, they began milling their own coffee and started a microlot program. By doing their own processing, they were able to better control the quality of their coffee. This is also where they were eventually able to experiment and bring out new and interesting flavors in their coffee.

In 2008, a huge earthquake hit Costa Rica leaving everyone without water or electricity in the middle of harvest season. Francisca and Oscar knew that in Africa and Brazil, they process coffee without water frequently, and decided to give it a shot. From this experiment came Costa Rica's first naturally processed coffee. While locals were hesitant to embrace it, the specialty coffee industry loved it! We love visiting these folks year after year and seeing what they have up their sleeves. They have become pioneers in the coffee industry and have truly established a wonderful legacy to pass on.